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2001: Long-Term Local-Regional Treatment Outcomes for Patients with Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Bristol, Ian
2002: Genetic Variants as Predictors of Late Adverse Radiotherapy Effects in Breast Cancer Patients
Fan, Grace
2003: Ten-Year Efficacy and Patterns of Failure After Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: A Molecular Assay Based Clonality Evaluation
Antonucci, J. Vito
2004: Malignant Phyllodes Tumor of the Female Breast: Determinants of Cause-Specific Survival from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program
Macdonald, O Kenneth Click abstract title to view poster
2005: Long-Term Outcome in Patients with Early Stage Tubular, Medullary and Colloid Breast Carcinoma Treated with Breast Conservation Therapy
Anderson, Penny
2006: Two Year Actuarial Analysis of 198 Patients with DCIS Treated with Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI): Efficacy, Cosmesis and Toxicity in Patients on the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS) MammoSite Breast Brachytherapy Registry Trial
Keisch, Martin
2007: Prognostic Groups in Node-negative and Node-positive Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Breast Conservation Surgery and Adjuvant Radiotherapy: a Recursive Partitioning Analysis (RPA) Based on 1347 Patients.
Hammer, Josef
2008: Unfavorable Cardiac Anatomy For Left-sided Tangential Breast Irradiation: Incidence And Predictive Factors
Evans, Suzanne Click abstract title to view poster
2009: Local Control of Early Stage Breast Cancer Using MammoSite HDR Brachytherapy
Prestidge, Bradley
2010: Breast Biopsy Type is the Most Important Predictor of Lumpectomy Negative Margins
Smitt, Melanie Click abstract title to view poster
2011: The Number Of Axillary Nodes Removed As A Predictor Of Regional Recurrence In Node Negative Breast Cancer
Vujovic, Olga Click abstract title to view poster
2012: Arm Lymphedema After Breast Conservation Treatment
Bar Ad, Voichita
2013: Breast Irradiation in the Prone Position using 3-Dimensional Planning in Women with Large Pendulous Breasts Undergoing Breast Conservation for Early Stage Disease
Kelly, Tracy
2014: Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) Concurrent with Adjuvant Dose-Dense Doxorubicin and Cyclophosphamide (ddAC) Chemotherapy in Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Preliminary Safety Results from a Feasibility Trial
Zellars, Richard Cedric
2015: Breast Cancer in the Elderly: Whole Breast Hypofractionated Radiotherapy
Racsa-Alamgir, Margarita Click abstract title to view poster
2016: Potential Risks of Radiation-Induced Breast Cancer with Different Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Techniques
Russo, Sandra Click abstract title to view poster
2017: HER2/neu Status Doesn't Affect Patient Survival Following Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases from Breast Cancer
Nelson, Carl
2018: A Feasibility Study of Intraoperative Radiotherapy for Early Breast Cancer
Chua, Boon
2019: Is Local Recurrence Increased with the use of a Heart Block in Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer?
Bellon, Jennifer
2020: Phase I/II trial of Herceptin Plus Radiotherapy for Chemotherapy-refractory Locally Advanced or Recurrent Breast Cancer
Horton, Janet
2021: Long Term Outcome for Early Breast Carcinoma: The University of Chicago Multi-Center Experience
Nichols, Michael Click abstract title to view poster
2022: Lymphedema Measures: Do they help
Dufan, Tarek
2023: Changes in Breast Cavity Contours After Lumpectomy
Kubicek, Greg Click abstract title to view poster
2024: The Role of Anemia in Local Control After Breast Conservation Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer
Harris, Eleanor
2025: Long-term Toxicity Of An Intraoperative Radiotherapy (iort) Boost Using Low Energy Xrays During Breast Conserving Surgery (bcs)
Kraus-Tiefenbacher, Uta Click abstract title to view poster
2026: Hyperthermia Augments Local Response to Doxil Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients
Yoo, David
2027: Mammographic Findings Six Months after MammoSite Brachytherapy
Boyle, Teresa
2028: Local Recurrence After Breast Conservation Therapy in Patients with Negative Final Margins of Excision
Ali, Ahmed
2029: Radiation Recall Reaction of the Breast: Does MRI Help in Establishing the Diagnosis?
Godinez, Juan
2030: Comparison of PET/CT and CT for Delineation of Lumpectomy Cavity for Partial Breast Irradiation
Ford, Eric
2031: Skin Sparing Radiation Approach Using Helical Tomotherapy Without Compromising Target Coverage In Early Breast Cancer After Lumpectomy
Abdulkarim, Bassam Click abstract title to view poster
2032: Detailed Analysis of In-Breast Failure after MammoSiteTM Brachytherapy
Chen, Sea Click abstract title to view poster
2033: A Comparison of Seroma Formation and Clip Placement to Define the Surgical Bed in Patients with Segmental Mastectomies
Gabos, Zsolt Click abstract title to view poster
2034: Pilot Study Of A Real-time Stereovision-Based Image-Guided Radiotherapy For Breast Cancer
Li, Shidong Click abstract title to view poster
2035: Association of Women's Local Treatment Decisions with Local Recurrence Risk and Life Expectancy
Akbari, Mona Click abstract title to view poster
2036: APBI Using Respiratory Gated IMRT - Review of First 24 Patients
Lewin, Alan Click abstract title to view poster
2037: Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation with Helical Tomotherapy: Prone or Supine Setup?
Becker, Stewart
2038: Analysis Of Breast Motion With 4 Dimensional Computerized Tomography Simulator
AHN, seung do
2039: Breast Conservation Therapy For Invasive Breast Cancer In Chinese Population: The Hong Kong Experience
Soong, I S Click abstract title to view poster
2040: Patterns of Care Study For Breast-conserving Therapy: Appropriateness of Whole Breast Irradiation Fields
Yamauchi, Chikako
2041: Clinical Application of Radiobiological Based and DVH Indicators for Evaluation of Treatment Plans for Irradiation of the Breast using a New Computer Application
Mayo, Charles
2042: Evaluation of Respiratory Gating in Tangential Breast Radiotherapy
Packianathan, S
2043: Mammosite Breast Brachytherapy Using An Ultrasound Based Closed Technique Is Associated With Less Toxicity Compared To An Open Placement Technique.
Lobo, Philip
2044: Utilizing Advanced Skin Care Products to Establish a Standard-of-Care For Radiation-Induced Skin Injury
McCord, Darlene Click abstract title to view poster
2045: Dose Modeling for Partial Breast Stereotactic Brachytherapy: A New Non-Invasive APBI Concept
Hiatt, Jessica Click abstract title to view poster
2046: Predictors of Cosmetic Outcome Following MammoSite Breast Brachytherapy: A Single Institution Experience of 100 Patients with Two Years of Follow-up.
Dragun, Anthony
2047: Partial Breast Irradiation With Helical Tomotherapy Using RTOG 0413 Planning Constraints
Burch, Douglas
2048: Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Enhancement Beyond the Tumor Margin: Is There An Association With Treatment Response?
Park, Catherine
2049: Inter-observer Variability In Seroma Contouring For Partial Breast Radiotherapy: Impact Of Guidelines
Wong, Elaine
2050: A Dosimetric Comparison of MammoSiteTM HDR Brachytherapy and Xoft AxxentTM Electronic Brachytherapy
Dickler, Adam Click abstract title to view poster
2051: Estimate Of Radiation Dermatitis At Weekly Intervals In A Shorter Fractionation Of Radiation Therapy In Breast Conserving Therapy
Shimbo, Taiju
2052: A Phase II Trial of Mammosite Breast Brachytherapy Optimization in the Treatment of Stage 0, I and II Breast Carcinoma
Weidhaas, Joanne
2053: The Relationship between the Patient's Physique and the Dose Distribution in the Axilla during Treatment with a Cranially Extended Tangential Radiation Field for Breast-conserving Therapy
Tachiiri, Seiji
2054: Effects of Green Tea Extract on Protein and mRNA expression in Human Breast Cancer Cells: Impairment of the DNA damage response?
Kao, Gary

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