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Central Nervous System Poster Viewing

2055: Improved Hearing Preservation with Deescalated Dose of Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT) in Patients with Acoustic Schwannomas: 50.4 Gy vs. 46.8 Gy
Werner-Wasik, Maria
2056: Predictors of Distant Brain Recurrence for Newly Diagnosed Brain Metastases Treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery Alone
Sawrie, Stephen
2057: Repositioning Accuracy Of Two Different Mask Systems: A Comparison By True 3D-3D Matching With Cone-Beam CT
Boda-Heggemann, Judit Click abstract title to view poster
2058: Predictive Value Of Longitudinal MRI and 2D-MR Spectroscopy Evaluation For Glioblastomas Treated With Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitors (FTI) And Radiotherapy (RT).
Laprie, Anne
2059: Biologically Targeted Therapy for High Grade Gliomas using Inverse-planned Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy and Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Jena, Rajesh Click abstract title to view poster
2060: Pseudo-Progression Based on MRI Changes Following Radiation Therapy for Pilocytic Astrocytoma
McMullen, Kevin
2061: Evaluation Of The Novalis Exactrac System For Frameless Image-guided Radiosurgery In The Head
Lamba, Michael Click abstract title to view poster
2062: Image-guided Spinal Radiosurgery for Epidural Compression of Multiple Myeloma
Jin, Ryan
2063: Endocrine Response After Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Secretory Pituitary Adenoma
Tinnel, Brent
2064: A Study on Intra-fraction Displacement of Image Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Spine Treatment
Kim, Siyong
2065: Use of a Target Complexity Index to Assist in Radiosurgical Plan Evaluation
Gagnon, Gregory
2066: Frameless LINAC-based Spinal Stereotactic Radiosurgery Results
Lin, Kevin Click abstract title to view poster
2067: Multifocal Glioblastoma Multiforme: Prognostic Factors and Patterns of Progression
Andrel, Jocelyn
2068: Image Guided Radiosurgery for Spinal Cord Hemangioblastomas
Soltys, Scott
2069: Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Central Nervous System Parenchymal Metastases: Prognostic Factors for Survival
Knisely, Jonathan Click abstract title to view poster
2070: 18F EF5 PET Imaging with Immunohistochemical Validation in Patients with Brain Lesions
Evans, Sydney
2071: A Novel Approach to more "Intelligent" Planning Target Volumes for Glioma Patients
Murtha, Albert
2072: Craniospinal Irradiation in the Supine Position - Application of an Image-Guided Radiotherapeutic Technique to Plan, Verify and Treat
Lau, Michelle Click abstract title to view poster
2073: Effects of X-ray and Carbon Ion Beam on the Postnatal Cerebellum in Organotypic Slice Cultures
Yoshida, Yukari
2074: Prognostic MRI Findings and Outcomes Following Treatment of Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme with GliaSite Brachytherapy
Chan, Timothy
2075: Can Whole Brain Radiation Be Omitted In Patients Receiving Radiosurgery for Solitary or Multiple Brain Metastases?
Fox, Jana Click abstract title to view poster
2076: Outcome and Prognostic Factors in Cerebellar Glioblastoma Multiforme in Adults: a Retrospective Study from the Rare Cancer Network
Weber, Damien Click abstract title to view poster
2077: MRI Distortion Correction for Submillimeter-Precision Functional Proton Radiosurgergy
Schulte, Reinhard Click abstract title to view poster
2078: Local Control And Survival After Radiosurgery For Brain Metastases With Or Without A 2 mm Perilesional Margin
Schlienger, Michel
2079: Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Intracranial Meningiomas: Role of Intra-observer and Inter-observer Variability in Choice of Margins
Fortin, Marie Click abstract title to view poster
2080: Concurrent Hypofractionated Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy with Simultaneous Integrated Boost Technique and Temozolomide for Glioblastoma
Shin, Seong Soo
2081: Predictors Of The Need For Open Surgery After Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) For Brain Metastases: Does Peritumoral Edema Increase The Need For Open Surgery?
Ahmed, Raef
2082: Stereotactic Radiosurgery Using the TomoTherapy HI-ART II
Holmes, Timothy
2083: A Dosimetric Evaluation of Conventional Helmet Field Irradiation versus Two Field Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Technique
Yu, James Click abstract title to view poster
2084: Intensity-modulated Tomotherapy With Stereotactic Radiosurgery For Brain Tumors: Validation Of A Value Of C11-methionine-pet Images In Treatment Planning.
Matsuo, Masayuki Click abstract title to view poster
2085: Is the Brain a Moving Target? Time-Lapse Results From Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
Jenkins, Todd
2086: Stereotactic Radiosurgical Treatment of Brain Metastases arising from Breast Cancer
Akyurek, Serap
2087: Initial Experience with Simultaneous Integrated Boost for the Treatment of High Grade Gliomas: Clinical, Dosimetric and Radiobiologic Analysis
Hwang, Catherine Click abstract title to view poster
2088: Stereotactic Radiosurgery Alone and Primary Resection followed by Adjuvant Stereotactic Radiosurgery in the Treatment of Limited Brain Metastases
Karlovits, Stephen Michael
2089: Gamma-knife Radiosurgery with or without Whole Brain Irradiation for Brain Metastases
Huang, Pin-I Click abstract title to view poster
2090: Concomittant Cyclo-Oxygenase-2 Inhibitor and Whole Brain Radiotherapy in Patients with Brain Metastasis: Phase I/II Randomized Study
Bora, Huseyin
2091: Shape Variability Of Craniopharyngioma As Measured On CT-On-Rails During Radiotherapy Treatment
Kornguth, David

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