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2551: The Effects of Cancer on Cultural and Social Beliefs and Attitudes
Hamann, Mary
2552: A Patterns of Care Study for Radiotherapy Process of Brain Metastases in Korea (1998~1999) using a Web-based System
Kim, Il Han
2553: Simulating a Randomized Trial Using Stratification and Re-Sampling of Retrospective Data
Fried, Daniel
2554: Prostate Cancer Risk Groups and Treatment Choices in Southeastern North Carolina: It's Not All Black and White
Maguire, Patrick
2555: The Utility of TELESYNERGYr Videoconferencing Systems for Support of QA/CQI and Professional Communication in Radiation Oncology Facilities
Rakfal, Susan
2556: The EORTC Emmanuel van der Schueren (EVDS) Fellowship for Quality Assurance (QA) in Radiotherapy: The Final Report for the QA Programme 2002 to 2004
Ataman, Fatma
2557: Identification of Predictors of RT-Induced Toxicity with the Random Forests Technique
Zhou, Sumin
2558: A Comprehensive Outcomes-Based Planning and Evaluation Program for Implementing TELESYNERGYr and Other Videoconferencing Approaches in Radiation Oncology
Ricci, Edmund Click abstract title to view poster
2559: A Population-based Study of the Fractionation of Palliative Radiotherapy for Bone Metastases in Ontario
Kong, Weidong
2560: Identifying Potential Mucositis Cost Drivers in Solid Tumor Cancer Patients
Mayne, Tracy

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