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2581: Functional Mr Sialography: Non-invasive Evaluation Method of Radiation-induced Xerostomia.
Kamiyama, Kazutoshi
2582: An Internet-based Survey Evaluating the Utilization of Pain Medications and the Attitudes of Radiation Oncology Patients Towards Pain Intervention
Simone, Charles Click abstract title to view poster
2583: Quality Of Life In Patients With Conformal Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer: A Longitudinal Study
Andratschke, Nikolaus
2584: Health-Related Quality of Life in Long-Term Survivors of Autologous Hematopoietic-Cell Transplantation for Refractory and Relapsed Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Goodman, Karyn
2585: Quality-of-Life Outcomes of Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients After Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy
Karnell, Lucy Click abstract title to view poster
2586: Split Course Concomitant Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for Anal Canal Carcinoma
Provencher, Sawyna
2587: ATM Variant P1054R And Risk Of Radiation-induced Morbidity In Patients Treated With Permanent Interstitial Brachytherapy For Early Stage Prostate Cancer
Meyer, Andreas Click abstract title to view poster
2588: A Phase I/II Study of the Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Preliminary Efficacy of MTS-01 for the Prevention of Alopecia Induced by Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT)
Metz, James
2589: Quality of Life (QOL) Outcomes after Definitive Radiation Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer: Comparison of Modalities
Tao, May Lin
2590: The MD Anderson Symptom Inventory-Head & Neck (MDASI-HN) is a Sensitive, Clinically Useful Outcome Measure for the Burden of Radiation-Induced Mucositis and the Impact of its Prevention or Treatment
Mendoza, Tito
2591: Comparison of Acute Toxicities When Utilizing Image Guidance for Prostate Cancer External Beam Radiation - Ultrasound vs. Fiducial Markers
Hasan, Iyaad
2592: Prospective Study of Quality of Life Following Whole Brain Radiotherapy in Patients with Multiple Brain Metastases
Tsao, May Click abstract title to view poster
2593: Vardenafil Is More Efficacious Than Tadalafil For Patient's Who Requested An Alternative To Sildenafil Following Prostate Brachytherapy.
Park, Janelle
2594: Efficacy, Toxicity, And Quality Of Life Outcomes In A Phase I Study Of Hypofractionated Dose-escalated Thoracic Radiotherapy For Limited-stage Small Cell Lung Cancer
Danielson, Brita Click abstract title to view poster
2595: Is There A "Disconnect" Between Physician And Patient- Reported Outcomes (PROs) ? An Analysis Of RTOG 98-01
Sarna, Linda
2596: Comparison of Acute Breast and Chest Wall Toxicity in Women Treated with External Beam Radiation with and without Concurrent Herceptin in a Community Cancer Center.
Raben, Adam
2597: Pretreatment Quality of Life in a Prospective Lung Cancer Trial: Should Gender Differences be Stratified by Performance Status?
Kohl, Robert
2598: Experience With Acupuncture In Management Of Hot Flush In Breast Cancer Patients
Chun, Mison
2599: Quality Of Life Of Men Received Carbon Ion Therapy For Prostate Cancer
Wakatsuki, Masaru
2600: A Prospective Study of Salivary Gland Function in Lymphoma Patients Receiving Head and Neck Irradiation
Rodrigues, Neesha
2601: Is There An Impact Of Androgen Deprivation On Genitourinary Toxicitiy Measured By The International Prostate Symtom Score- Quality Of Life Questionnaire For Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Different Radiation Treatment Modalities?
Saputo, Kathleen

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