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-null-: Design Of Non-uniform Dose Distribution Based On Spatially Inhomogeneous Radiosensitivity Extracted From Biological Images
Chen, Guang-Pei
2710: Verification of Gated Radiation Therapy Using Pre-Treatment Four-Dimenstional Cone-Beam CT
Li, Tianfang
2711: Visualization of 4D Radiotherapy Data Using the Perspecta Display
Rivard, Mark
2712: Phantom Verification Of Respiratory Gating System For Lung And Liver
Gum, Franz
2713: Reducing Respiratory Motion Using A Lordosis Board And Hand Grips To Encourage Accessory Muscle Breathing
Khater, Kevin
2714: Evaluating Lung Motion Variations In Repeated 4D CT Studies Using Inverse Consistent Image Registration
Lu, Wei Click abstract title to view poster
2715: Implications of Respiratory Motion as Measured by 4D CT for Radiation Treatment Planning of Esophageal Tumors
Patel, Abhijit
2716: Respiratory Gating Window and Internal Motion Margins to Accommodate the Fluctuation of Exhalation Level during Proton Beam Therapy for Liver Tumor
Asada, Yoshihiro Click abstract title to view poster
2717: Real-time And Precise Monitoring Of The Breast Motion During Irradiation Using Real-time Tumor-tracking Radiotherapy (rtrt) System
Kinoshita, Rumiko
2718: Adaptive 4D Cone Beam CT
Lu, Jun Click abstract title to view poster
2719: Evaluation Of Incidental Dose To The Clinical Target Volume (CTV) In Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy Of Lung Cancers Using Gated 4D-CT Images
Jin, Jian-Yue
2720: Real-time Respiration Monitoring via IMRT Treatment Beam and 4DCT
Lu, Weiguo
2721: Intra- And Inter-fraction Variations In Free Breathing During Curative Radiotherapy For Lung Cancer
Juhler-Nottrup, Trine Click abstract title to view poster
2722: An Analysis of The Accuracy of The 6D Tracking with CyberKnife
Inoue, Mitsuhiro Click abstract title to view poster
2723: Changes In The Distance Between An Internal Fiducial Marker And A Motion Tumor On Fluoroscopic Real-time Tumor-tracking System Evaluated With An In-room Ct System
Taguchi, Koutarou
2724: Verification of Average Tumor Position for Phase-gated Lung Cancer Patients using Integrated EPIDs
Cuijpers, Johan
2725: On Accounting For Patient-specific Tumor Motion In Target Definition For Lung Cancer Treatment Planning: Comparison Of A Multi-phase Ct Simulation Approach And Mri Cine Study
Wang, Lu
2726: On-board Breath-Hold Digital Tomosynthesis (DTS) for Target Localization Prior to Breath-Hold Treatment
Godfrey, Devon
2727: Impact Of Respiration-Induced Tumor Motion Uncertainties On Adaptive Treatment Delivery Strategies: A Comparison Through Repeat 4D CT Imaging
Vedam, Sastry
2728: Evaluation of Breathing Control Methods for the Improvement of the Respiratory Motion Reproducibility
Mutaf, Yildirim
2729: Is Audio/video Breathing Guidance Necessary For Delivering Segmental IMRT Under Dynamic Tracking?
Yi, Byong Yong
2730: A "3.5D" Strategy For Motion Management
Olivera, Gustavo
2731: Estimating the Uncertainty in Tumor Position and Motion Estimates in 4D Imaging
Keall, Paul
2732: Challenges In The Use Of Breath-hold (18)f-fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography In Real-time Tumor-tracking Radiotherapy In Patients With Lung Cancer Without Atelectasis
Fujino, Masaharu
2733: Reduction of Respiration-Induced Tumor Displacement Using a Feedback Controlled Treatment Couch
D'Souza, Warren
2734: Respiratory-gated Proton Therapy Treatment
Lu, Hsiao-Ming
2735: Patient-Derived Breathing Patterns for a Hardware Respiratory Motion Simulator
Wong, Kenneth
2736: Dosimetric Impact of Daily Set-Up Variation in Patients Undergoing Partial Breast Irradiation: Results of a Prospective Study Using Cone Beam CT
Fatunase, Toyosi Click abstract title to view poster
2737: Initial Experience with CBCT and IGRT
Lehmann, Joerg
2738: CT-based Daily Localization of Prostate Patients: Anatomy vs. Implanted Markers
Paskalev, Kamen Click abstract title to view poster
2739: Inter-fractional Variations in Patient Setup and Anatomic Change Assessed by Daily CT from Helical Tomotherapy
Li, X.
2740: Evaluation of Setup Variations in the Treatment of Esophageal Cancer Using Daily MVCT Localization
Chen, Yi-Jen Click abstract title to view poster
2741: Image Guidance Analysis of Translations, Rotations, and Organ Motion in Prostate and Head & Neck Cancer Treatments Using the Helical Tomotherapy System
Han, Chunhui Click abstract title to view poster
2742: Evaluation of Adequate Margin Size for Prostate IMRT by Cone-Beam CT Interfraction Imaging
Koontz, Bridget
2743: Dose Delivered From Daily CBCT To Patients Receiving RT For H/N And Prostate Cancer
Wen, Ning
2744: On-board Volumetric CT-based Adaptive IMRT For Improved Prostate Cancer Treatment
Xing, Lei
2745: Isocenter Alignment Verification Using an Electronic Portal Image Device (EPID) for a Micromultileaf-based Radiosurgery System
Calvo-Ortega, Juan Francisco Click abstract title to view poster
2746: Interfraction Variation In Positioning Has An Impact On IMRT Breast Dosimetry.
Jain, Pooja
2747: Confidence In Offline Image Guided Radiotherapy With Single Adaptive Inverse Planning Modification For Prostate Cancer Management
Liang, Jian Click abstract title to view poster
2748: Brainstem Doses and Positional Uncertainty for IMRT of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Breen, Stephen Click abstract title to view poster
2749: A Dosimetric Analysis of Actual RT Dose Delivered With or Without Margin Reduction in Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing Daily Cone Beam CT (CBCT)
Patel, Samir
2750: A New Device of Real Time Dose Monitoring System for Preventing the Set-up Error with Using Flat Panel Detectors (FDP) in Patient with Breast Cancer
Kamikonya, Norihiko
2751: Image Guided Radiotherapy by Online Plan Re-optimization: Studies of Dosimetric Benefits by Treatment Simulations
Burgess, Lisa
2752: The Importance of daily Electronic Portal Imaging (EPI) in Radiotherapy
Bell, Linda Click abstract title to view poster
2753: Feasibility Of Image-Guided Helical Tomotherapy For Frame-Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Wagner, Thomas Click abstract title to view poster
2754: A Preliminary Study for a Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Setup using a newly developed Image-Guided Radiotherapy System
Takayama, Kenji
2755: Optimizing Image Frequency During Image-Guided SRS Treatments
Dieterich, Sonja
2756: An Analysis of Head and Neck Immobilization using Pretreatment CT based Image Guidance
Ramsey, Chester
2757: Prone versus Supine: Improved Toxicities and Target Coverage in Prostate IGRT IMRT
Liu, Bei
2758: The Dosimetric Impact of Translation-only Setup Correction in Cone-beam CT-Guided Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Lung Tumors
Suen, Andrew
2759: Automated Method for Monitoring of Displacement of Target Position on EPID Cine Images without Implanted Markers in Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Anai, Shigeo
2760: Analysis Of Daily Set-Up Error By On-Board Imaging And Its Implications For PTV Margin Expansion
Olson, Michael Click abstract title to view poster
2761: Phantom and In-vivo Dosimetric Measurements for Image Guided Radiotherapy: Portal Imaging versus Cone-beam-CT
Walter, Cornelia Click abstract title to view poster
2762: Is IGRT 3D Re-Planning Better Than IGRT IMRT Prostate Therapy?
Lerma, Fritz
2763: An Efficiency Study of an Optical Approach for Routine Patient Positioning and Monitoring
Sie, Fanny Click abstract title to view poster
2764: Plan Modifications to Compensate for the Dose Delivered by Daily Megavoltage Cone-Beam CT Imaging
Morin, Olivier Click abstract title to view poster
2765: An On-line Dose Guided Adaptive Approach for Prostate Patient Positioning
Ruchala, Kenneth
2766: Dosimetric Impact by Temporal Changes of the PTV in Head in Neck Cancers
Maxim, Peter
2767: On The Accuracy Of Cone-beam CT And Stereoscopic X-ray Image Guidance For Radiotherapy Of Vertebral Tumors: An Intra-institutional Comparison
Bogner, Joachim
2768: External Beam Radiation Therapy And Prostate Localization Using Coiled Intraprostatic Markers And Kilovoltage On-board Imaging
Simon, Edmund
2769: A Technique for Adaptive Radiation Therapy using Sinogram Deformation
Outten, Samuel
2770: Multi-Site Evaluation of User Variability for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) Shift Determination
Wolfe, Melodee
2771: Cone Beam CT Monitoring of IMRT Head and Neck Treatment
Mechalakos, James
2772: Comparison of Daily Couch Shifts Using MVCT (TomoTherapy) and B-mode Ultrasound (BAT system) During Prostate Radiotherapy
Lin, Steven Click abstract title to view poster
2773: Setup Errors for Placement of Endorectal Balloon for Prostate Radiotherapy
Wang, Chun
2774: The Use Of Image Registration And A Head Frame With Dental Block Assembly For Non-invasive Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy
Shiu, Almon
2775: High Accuracy of the 3D Volumetric Image Registration: Correction of Misalignment in Cranial PET/CT Images Due to Patient Movement for Stereotactic Treatment Planning
Li, Guang
2776: Automated Registration and Correction of Patient Positioning for IGRT and Body Radiosurgery using the Novalis "ExacTrac" System
Macklis, Roger Click abstract title to view poster
2777: Semi-Automatic Vertebrae Localization and Segmentation for Online Palliative Radiotherapy
Letourneau, Daniel
2778: Verification of Deformable Organ Registration for Prostate using Implant Markers
Chi, Yuwei Click abstract title to view poster
2779: Evaluation of Multimodality Image Registration Software and Atlas-based Automatic Segmentation for Delineation of Organs at Risk (OAR) in the Brain in Conformal Radiotherapy (CRT)
Isambert, Aurelie Click abstract title to view poster
2780: Improving the Convergence and Computational Efficiency of Deformable Image Registration Calculation by Incorporating Prior Knowledge
Kamath, Srijit
2781: Multiscale Image Registration
Paquin, Dana Click abstract title to view poster
2782: Deformable Image Registration for Cone-beam CT (CBCT) Images for Implemantion of Image-guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
Zhang, Lifei
2783: Intra- And Inter-modality Registration Of Four-dimensional (4d) Images
Schreibmann, Eduard Click abstract title to view poster
2784: Quantification of Prostate Motion Based on 3D/3D Image Registration Using Daily Cone Beam CT (CBCT)
Hammoud, Rabih
2785: Automatic Contouring in 4D Radiation Therapy
Chao, Ming
2786: Finite Element Modeling of Prostate Edema and Seed Dynamic Post LDR Prostate Brachytherapy using CT-MRI Fusion
Yeung, Ivan
2787: Comparison of 2D with 3D Image Alignment Techniques for Head and Neck
Sebastian, Evelyn
2788: Toward Magnetic Resonance (MR) Simulation: A Knowledge-Guided Active-Model Method of Skull Segmentation for Generating MR Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs (DRRs)
Shan, Zuyao
2789: Registration Of 4D CBCT And 4D CT For Extracranial Stereotactic Treatments
Elder, Eric
2790: Auto Contour Mapping in CBCT for Adaptive Therapy Treatment Planning
Peng, Penny
2791: Clinically Validating A 2D-3D Image Registration Method To Detect Patient Positioning Errors
Mu, Guangwei
2792: A Novel Image Likelihood Function for Automatic Image Segmentation
Chaney, E.
2793: Automatic Delineation of Daily CT Images for Online Plan Adjustments: Method and Quantitative Validation
Zhang, Tiezhi
2794: Automated Segmentation of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Datasets using the Planning CT (PCT) as A-Priori Knowledge
Crocker, Ian
2795: Use Of Daily CT-based Deformable Registration To Track Lung Daily Tumor Volumes And Position
Chen, Quan
2796: A 2d-3d System For Automatic Determination Of Patient Setup Based On Kvp X-rays
Choi, Bum
2797: Validation of a 4D Monte Carlo Treatment Planning Tool using an Image Interpolation Model
Ding, Meisong
2798: Four-Dimensional Registration of Respiratory Gated PET
Thorndyke, Brian
2799: Correlation of PET SUV and CT Window-Level Thresholds for Target Delineation in Radiation Treatment Planning
Hong, Robert
2800: Ranking Complex IMRT Plans Using an EUD-Based Figure-of-Merit Index
Qi, Sharon
2801: Evaluation of Cone Beam CT (CBCT)-based Dose Calculation
Wang, Chuang
2802: Variation of Lung DVH During Respiration
Kainz, Kristofer
2803: Inhomogeneity effect on Gamma Knife SRS
Xiong, Weijun
2804: Variability of Gross Tumor Volume Delineation in Head-and-neck Cancer Using PET/CT Fusion, Part II: The Impact of a Contouring Protocol
Riegel, Adam
2805: Simultaneous-Integrated Boost (SIB) IMRT for Treatment of Indermediate-risk Prostate Cancer with Nodal Irradiation
Dogan, Nesrin
2806: Film Dosimetry Effects in Low-Density Media Due to Charge Buildup and Cherenkov Radiation
Wiesmeyer, Mark
2807: Reducing Dosimetric Treatment Uncertainties in Hypofractionated Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Planning for Lung Cancers
Chao, K. Kenneth
2808: Using Spect-guidance To Reduce Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Dose To Functioning Lung
McGuire, Sarah
2809: Craniospinal Radiation Delivered by Helical Tomotherapy: A Dosimetric Study
Tomblyn, Michael Click abstract title to view poster
2810: Holographic Image Guided Radiation Therapy (HIGRT) Treatment Planning: a Multi-Institutional Study
Chu, James Click abstract title to view poster
2811: The Role of Temporal Optimization in Prostate Hypofractionation: A Theoretical Study
Altman, Michael
2812: Effects of the Segment Size and Monitor Units for Step-and-Shoot IMRT under Intra-Fraction Organ Motion
Jiang, Ziping
2813: Probabilistic Analysis of Radiation Induced Pneumonitis as a Function of Tumor and Margin Size
Watchman, Christopher
2814: Prostate DVH Benchmark Study with Helical TomoTherapy
Guo, Fanqing Click abstract title to view poster
2815: Early Clinical Outcome with Concurrent Chemotherapy with Extended-Field Radiotherapy Using IMRT for Cervix Cancer
Gan, Gregory Click abstract title to view poster
2816: Estimated Reductions in Second Malignancies after Bone Marrow Transplantation using Image Guided Tomographic Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Kaiser, Adeel Click abstract title to view poster
2817: Treatment Planning Comparison of Photon IMRT, Active and Passive Proton Therapy, and Carbon Ion Therapy for Treatment of Head and Neck Tumors
Krengli, Marco
2818: Planning, Delivery, and Optimization of Dynamically Modulated Electrons
Klein, Eric
2819: Geos/imrt Versus Tomotherapy: A Comparative Study
Van Esch, Ann
2820: Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Pulmonary Nodules Using a Unique Frameless Stereotactic Treatment Technique
Hsi, Richard
2821: IMRT for Nasopharyngeal Cancers: Potential Advantages for Using Helical Tomotherapy
Yang, Claus Chunli
2822: Dosimetric and Therapeutic Evaluation of Megavoltage Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy (SFR) with Different GRID Block Designs
Dou, Kai Click abstract title to view poster
2823: Dosimetric Evaluation of Parallel Opposed Spatially Fractionated Radiation Therapy (GRID) for Deep-Seated Bulky Tumors
Meigooni, Ali Click abstract title to view poster
2824: Enhancing Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) By Optimally Selecting The Number Of Beams And Their Directions
Das, Shiva
2825: Gamma-Ray Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Fox, Christopher
2826: IMRT in the Treatment of Anal Cancer: A Dosimetric Comparison of Conventional 3D, IMRT, and IMRT with Integrated Boost
Hsu, Annie
2827: Clincal IMRT Planning Testing for the Multi-Criteria Optimization (MCO) Methodology
Yang, Ching-Chong Click abstract title to view poster
2828: Quantitative Delineation Of PET Standard Uptake Values For Radiotherapy Treatment Planning: Validation And Application To Head And Neck Cancer
Bayouth, John
2829: Jaws-Only IMRT Using Direct Aperture Optimization
Afghan, Muhammad
2830: Reduction in Volume of the Parotid Glands Correlates with Acute Toxicity in Children with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC) Treated using Radiotherapy (RT)
Bahl, Gaurav
2831: Accurate Heterogeneous Dose Calculation for Lung Cancer Patients without High Resolution CT Densities
Saito, Anneyuko
2832: The Trade-Off between Neutron Dose and Skin Dose for 6MV versus 18MV for Prostate IMRT: Does the 20cm Rule still apply?
Howell, Rebecca
2833: Treatment Planning for a Phase 1 Trial of PSA-Activated PSA-PAH1 for Prostate Cancer
Boyer, Arthur
2834: Breast Dose Reduction in Women Undergoing Mediastinal Radiotherapy Using a Custom Prone Immobilization Device
Kudchadker, Rajat Click abstract title to view poster
2835: Optimizing Beam Angles for IMRT Treatment Planning
Pesola, Katja
2836: Restricted Field IMRT Dramatically Enhances IMRT Planning for Mesothelioma Patients
Czerminska, Maria Click abstract title to view poster
2837: Target Volume Definition For Stereotactic Radiotherapy Of Lung Metastases : A Comparison Between PET/CT and 4D-PET/CT
Di Muzio, Nadia Click abstract title to view poster
2838: The Effect Of Imrt Treatment On Second Malignancies
Stathakis, Sotirios
2839: Evaluation of Cone Beam CT based Treatment Planning of Prone Breast
Paliwal, Bhudatt
2840: Comparing Two Strategies of Dynamic Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (dIMRT) Using Helical Tomotherapy (HT) with 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3DCRT) in the Setting of Hypofractionated Treatment of the Pelvic Nodal Basin in High-Risk Pr
Yuen, Jasper Click abstract title to view poster
2841: Cobalt-Based Tomotherapy Using a MIMiC Multi-leaf Collimator
Salomons, Greg Click abstract title to view poster
2842: Field Junctioning Over Spinal Cord Using Dose-Volume-Histogram Analysis
Zusag, Thomas
2843: Analysis Of Multiple Irradiations Of An Anthropomorphic Thorax Phantom Containing Lung Heterogeneities
Alvarez, Paola
2844: Aperture-Based Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy (MERT) -- An Efficient Approach to the Delivery of MERT Plans
Song, Yulin
2845: An Evaluation of IMRT Techniques for the Treatment of Para-spinal Targets
Robison, Benjamin
2846: A Dosimetric Study of Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy for Lung Cancer
Cho, Nam
2847: Treatment Outcome-based Objective Functions for IMRT Treatment Planning
El Naqa, Issam
2848: Predictive Modeling of Lung Tumor Response to Radiation Therapy
Seibert, Rebecca
2849: Evaluation of Simulator Cone Beam CT Images for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
Menon, Geetha
2850: Skin Toxicity in IMRT of Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Sethi, Anil
2851: Inverse Planning for 4D Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Armbruster, Benjamin
2852: Optimizing Head and Neck Radiation Treatment Planning Using an IMRT Monoisocentric Technique with a Static Low Anterior Neck Field
Wong, Pei-Fong
2853: Dose Painting Using Energy and Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy
Fan, Jiajin
2854: Adaptation of Treatment Planning Software for Improvement of Radionuclide Dosimetry
Meredith, Ruby
2855: Optimal Needle and Dwell Positions in Prostate HDR
Pang, Dalong
2856: The Impact of a Nitinol Stent on the Radiation Dose Distribution in the Femoropopliteal Artery: a Monte Carlo Study
Carrier, Jean-Francois
2857: X-ray Scalpel - A New Device For Targeted X-ray Brachytherapy And Stereotactic Radiosergery
Gutman, George
2858: The Effect Of Interobserver Variability On TRUS-Based Postimplant Dosimetry
Xue, Jinyu
2859: Dosimetric Effects of Various Clinical Parameters in MammoSiter Treatment as Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation for Early Breast Cancer
Huang, Yu-Huei Click abstract title to view poster
2860: A New Approach For Dose Calculation Around Elongated Brachytherapy Sources
Awan, Shahid
2861: Ru-106 Eye Plaques for Treatment of Ocular Melanoma - Practical Issues
Mourtada, Firas Click abstract title to view poster
2862: Dosimetric Impact of Partial Gland Irradiation Utilizing Functional Image Guidance in Men Undergoing Brachytherapy for Localized Prostate Cancer
Wang, Brian Click abstract title to view poster
2863: Quality Assurance of Iodine 125 Seeds for Prostate Brachytherapy Using an Imaging Plate
Furutani, Shunsuke
2864: Dose Optimization Practice Pattern in Single-Channel Vaginal Cylinder HDR Brachytherapy Influences Bladder and Rectal Doses
Yaparpalvi, Ravindra
2865: An Image-guided Robotic System For Prostate Brachytherapy
Yu, Yan
2866: Optimal Timing of Conventional Post-Implant Dosimetry for Prostate Seed Implants Utilizing the New Cs-131 Radioactive Seeds and Effective Dose Compensation of Edema-Induced Dose Deficit
Chen, Zhe
2867: Comparison of 131Cs, 103Pd and 125I Isotopes in Preplanning for Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy
Trichter, Frieda
2868: Novel Recommendations for dosimetry of Elongated Low Energy Photon Emitter Brachytherapy Sources
Dini, Sharifeh
2869: CT Protocol For Artifact-free Imaging Of A Novel Intracavitary Brachytherapy Cervical Applicator
Mourtada, Firas Click abstract title to view poster
2870: In Vivo Measurement Of Surgical Needle Intervention Parameters During Prostate Brachytherapy
Podder, Tarun
2871: Initial Analysis of ProQura: A Multi-institutional Database of Prostate Brachytherapy Dosimetry
Grimm, Peter Click abstract title to view poster
2872: Daily Quality Assurance Tool and Procedures for Tomotherapy
Jursinic, Paul
2873: Application of a 2-D Ion Chamber Array for Dose Verification of Dynamic IMRT with a micro-MLC
Araki, Fujio Click abstract title to view poster
2874: Clinical Feasibility Of PET/CT Image Guidance After Proton Radiotherapy
Shih, Helen
2875: A Novel Water-Clear, Low-Modulus Bolus Material
Kirkpatrick, John
2876: A New Method for Real-time Confirmation of Irradiated Area of Therapeutic Photon Beams
Maruyama, Koichi
2877: Image Guided In Vivo Dose Verification For Quality Assurance In Intensity Modulated Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Wertz, Hansjoerg Click abstract title to view poster
2878: An Evaluation of Carbon Beam Attenuation Using Inhomogeneous layered Phantoms: Comparison with the Present Method Using a Water Phantom
Magara, Takatsugu Click abstract title to view poster
2879: Characterization of Dose Enhancement Produced by Nanoparticles
Roeske, John
2880: A Hybrid MicroCT Scanner for Image-Guided Conformal Radiotherapy of Small Animals
Graves, Edward
2881: Role of Ovarian Transposition Based on the Dosimetric Effects of Craniospinal Irradiation (CSI) on the Ovaries: A Case Report
Mitchell, James Click abstract title to view poster
2882: The Application of Kernel Principal Component Analysis in Complexity Evaluation of Radiation Therapy
Yan, Hui
2883: Assessment Of The Relative Biological Effectiveness Of Clinical Carbon Ion Beams
Chang, Albert
2884: Treatment of Canine Bladder Cancer using Laparoscopically Implanted Tissue Expander Radiotherapy (LITE-RT)
Guti‚rrez, Alonso
2885: Three-dimensional Dose Verification for Radiation Therapy
Guo, Pengyi
2886: Dynamic Delivery Quality Assurance for IMRT to Account for Target Motion
Jaradat, Hazim Click abstract title to view poster
2887: Optimization Of IMRT QA With EBT Gafchromic Film
Schneider, Frank Click abstract title to view poster
2888: Radiation Safety Issues with PET/CT Simulation for Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
Kearns, William
2889: Clinical Test Of A Beam Delivery System For Protontherapy Treatments
Adelaide, Garella Click abstract title to view poster
2890: A Virtual Environment For The Training And Development Of Radiotherapy Techniques
Beavis, Andrew
2891: A TLD and Film Dosimetry Study of Surface Dose for Head and Neck IMRT
Mitchell, Martha
2892: Interim Report of A Randomized Trial Comparing Two Forms of Immobilization of the Head for Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
Bednarz, Greg
2893: The Value of Credentialing
Leif, Jessica Lowenstein
2894: Lessons From The In-vivo TLD Dosimetry Practice For Patients Treated With Total Skin Electron Radiation Therapy (TSEB) At M.d. Anderson Cancer Center
Tailor, Ramesh
2895: Clinical Impact of F-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) Positron Emission Tomography (PET) on the Management of Primary Tumors of the Thymus
Lee, Justin

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