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2602: Low Dose of Radiation (3 Gy) Initiates an Immediate Signal Transduction through Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC), a Novel Second Messenger Generated by Cytosolic Phospholipase A2, Which Regulates Response in Vascular Endothelium
Yazlovitskaya, Eugenia
2603: Caspase-independence Of Radioinduced Cell Death In Hct116 Human Colorectal Tumor Cell Lines
Zhang, Ping
2604: Radioprotection of Hematopoietic Stem Cells by Vascular Endothelium
Fleming, William
2605: Epigenetic Modulation of Radiation Response in Human Cancer Cells with Activated EGFR or HER-2 Signaling: Potential Role of HDAC 6
Kim, In Ah
2606: Nelfinavir Enhances Radiation Induced Destruction of Cancer Microvascular Endothelium
Willey, Christopher
2607: Curcumin Enhances Colorectal Cancer Cell Radiosensitivity By Suppressing The Radiation-induced Nuclear Factor-kappaB (NF-kB) Pathway.
Krishnan, Sunil
2608: Rad52 and BRCA2 Provide Alternative Pathways For Rad51-mediated Homologous Recombination In Mammalian Cells
Powell, Simon
2609: Recombinant Peptides that Rapidly Assess Cancer Susceptibility to Tyrosine Kinase Iinhibitors Combined with Radiation
Fu, Allie
2610: Increased Radiosensitivity of Breast Tumor Cells by Decreased Expression of the Transcriptional Repressor HBP1
Purviance, John
2611: The Rad51 Paralog XRCC3 Modulates Both DNA Topoisomerase I (TOP1)-mediated Cytotoxicity And Radiosensitization (RS) In Mammalian Cells
Chen, Allan
2612: A Rapid Screening Assay for Cytotoxic DNA Damaging Agents and Radiation Sensitization
Perkins, Charles
2613: Combined Efficacy of IGF-I Signaling Blockade and Radiation in NSCLC Models
Allen, Gregory
2614: Parametric Images Derived from Kinetic Modeling of Dynamic [F-18] FMISO PET - Evaluating the Feasibility of IMRT Based Dose Escalation to Hypoxic Sub-volumes
Rajendran, Joseph
2615: TGFá Mediates Migration And Proliferation Of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Into The Lungs Of Irradiated Mice.
Epperly, Michael
2616: The HIV Protease Inhibitor Nelfinavir Inhibits Proteasome Activity Resulting in the Unfolded Protein Response and Down-Regulation of Phosphorylated Akt
Gupta, Anjali
2617: Radiation Sensitizing Effect of Artemisinin, an Old Anti-malaria Drug
Han, Zhaozhong
2618: EGFR Activity Determines the Efficacy of Combined Therapy with Radiation and AEE788 in Prostate Cancer
Huamani, Jessica
2619: Inhibition Of mTOR Or Apopotic Pathway Induces Autophagy And Radiosensitizes PTEN Null Prostate Cancer Cells
Cao, Carolyn
2620: Imaging Mass Spectrometry to Map Distribution of Radiation Enhancing Vasculature Targeted Drug and Protein Biomarkers of Response to Therapy in Prostate Cancer.
Kim, Dong
2621: Mast Cells are Radioresistant and Exhibit Inhibition of Function But Not Apoptosis in Response to Ionizing Radiation
Soule, Benjamin Click abstract title to view poster
2622: Radiation-induced Expression of Tax-interacting Protein 1 (TIP-1) in Tumor Vasculature
Wang, Hailun
2623: Radioprotective Effects Of Two Superoxidase Dismutase (sod) Mimetics And The Nanoparticle Df-1 In A Vertebrate Zebrafish Model
Daroczi, Borbala
2624: Preclinical Evaluation of Amifostine Mediated Esophageal Radioprotection in a Rodent Model
Thrasher, Bradley
2625: A Bench-top "Micro" Image Guided Radiation Therapy(æIGRT) System For Laboratory Animals
Wong, John Click abstract title to view poster
2626: c-MET Inhibition Radiosensitizes Melanoma by Inhibiting Double Strand DNA Repair
Welsh, James
2627: BORIS and CTCF Yin Yang Epigenetically Regulated Transcription Factors Regulating Proliferation
Wang, Tony Click abstract title to view poster
2628: Quantitative Image Analysis of Tumor Vasculature and Hypoxia in Human Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
Dilling, Thomas
2629: Specific Telomere Dysfunction Induced by Long Exposure to GRN163L Increases Radiation Sensitivity to Breast Cancer Cells
Gomez-Millan, Jaime
2630: A Preclinical Human Tumor Model For Non-Invasive Imaging Of Hypoxia-Induced Gene Expression; Comparison Of Endogenous And Exogenous Markers Of Tumor Hypoxia
Li, Gloria
2631: Penetration And Retention Of Intracavitary Administered I-131-TM-601 Peptide In Patients With Recurrent High-grade Glioma
Shen, Sui
2632: MicroRNA Detection and Response to Ionizing Radiation in Human Cancer Cells
Amin, Neha Click abstract title to view poster
2633: The Role of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) Protein in Radiation-Mediated Cleavage of Oligonucleotides by Titanium Dioxide - DNA Nanocomposites In Vitro
Babbo, Angela Click abstract title to view poster
2634: Brca1 And Bid Interaction Connects Chromosomal Break Repair With Apoptosis
Xia, Fen
2635: Early Experience With Highly Focal Radiation Delivery To The Mouse Brain Using Our Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP)
Tryggestad, Erik
2636: Detection Of Cells That Have Survived Apoptotic DNA Cleavage
Vaughan, Andrew Click abstract title to view poster
2637: A Large Scale Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Radiation Dermatitis after Whole Breast Radiotherapy
Oya, Natsuo
2638: Hedgehog Signaling Pathway as a Novel Molecular Target for Radiation Sensitization of Vascular Endothelium
Geng, Ling
2639: Risk of Second Malignant Neoplasm after Cancer in Childhood treated by Radiotherapy : Correlation with the Integral Dose.
2640: p53-Regulated Transcriptional Response to Radiation in the Cerebral Cortex
Dorsey, Jay
2641: Long Term Results Using Hypo-Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery (HFSR) for Acoustic Neuroma (AN)
Lederman, G.
2642: SAFORISTM Decreases the Duration and Severity of Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis (OM) in the Hamster
Kiorpes, Anthony Click abstract title to view poster
2643: In Vivo Radioprotective Effects of Mrx-1024 in Zebrafish and Mouse Models
Roscioli, Nicholas
2644: Use of Aromatase Inhibitors as Radiosensitizing and Therapeutic Agents in the Treatment of Human Pancreatic, Glioblastoma and Lung Cancer
Csiki, Ildiko
2645: Gossypol Activates the SAPK/JNK Pathway and Enhances Radiation-Induced Apoptosis
Verheij, Marcel
2646: Combination with an Heparan-Mimetic Enhances Amifostine Protective Activity on Radiation-Induced Mucositis
Mangoni, Monica
2647: Xenografted Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Migrate To Irradiated Murine Lung
Hope, Andrew
2648: Differential Effects of EGFR and NF-?B in Tumorigenesis and Radioresistance in Epithelial Cancers
Ren, Qing
2649: Ultrasound Imaging and Spectrosocopy of Cancer Therapy Effects
Chu, William
2650: Intravenous Injection Of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Plasmid-Liposome (MnSOD-PL) Complex Or MnSOD Mimetic EUK-134 Protects Mice From Whole Body Irradiation (WBI).
Epperly, Michael
2651: Changes in Injury Expression after Graded Volume Irradiation of the Rat Lung.
Coppes, Robert
2652: Incorporating Biological Metabolite Information within Treatment of Prostate Carcinoma and Analysis of Dose Escalation Effect
Lee, Eva Click abstract title to view poster
2653: Tumor Cell Radiosensitivity is the Primary Determinant of Tumor Response to Radiation
Gerweck, Leo
2654: Dietary Selenium Supplementation Prolongs Survival Following Thoracic Irradiation in Mice by Protecting From Radiation-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis and Stimulating Selenoenzyme Production
Cengel, Keith
2655: Association Between the Incidence of Synchronous and Metachronous Metastases: Analysis of SEER Data
Meyer, Jeffrey
2656: Chk1 Phosphorylates Poly-A Binding Protein, Triggering Translocation to the Nucleus
Floyd, Scott
2657: Radiobiological Considerations In Designing Hypofractionated Radiation Treatments For Liver Irradiation
Tai, An Click abstract title to view poster
2658: Carbon Ion Beam-Induced Apoptosis and Growth Delay of Human Tumors in Nude Mice
Hasegawa, Masatoshi
2659: Inhibition of VEGFR-1, -2, and -3 Signaling by AZD2171 Enhances the Anti-tumor Efficacy of Radiation Therapy in a Mouse Xenograft Model
Imagumbai, Toshiyuki
2660: Detection Of Serum Interleukin-10 Levels In Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Li, Xianming
2661: Induction Of Graft-versus-host Disease By Low Dose Rates Of Total Body Irradiation In Experimental Models
Schwarte, Sebastian Click abstract title to view poster
2662: Radiation Guided Anti-P-Selectin Antibody to Tumor Microvascular Endothelium
Hariri, Ghazal
2663: The Effect Of Human Papilloma Virus (hpv) E6 Oncogene On The Radiation Response Of The C33a Hpv-negative Cervical Cancer Cell Line.
Kim, Joo-Young
2664: Comparison of Doxorubicin and a Liposomal Form, Doxorubicine Chlorhydrate, as Radiosensitizer in High Grade Glioma and Rhabdomyosarcoma Xenografts
chastagner, pascal
2665: Does Flow Cytometry of EF5 Binding Show a Correlation with Immunohistochemical Findings in Human Tumors?
Friedman, Isaiah Click abstract title to view poster
2666: Low Dose Ionizing Radiation: Areas of Concern in the IMRT Era
Goldberg, Zelanna
2667: Imatinib Has A Radiosensitizing Effect In Human Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia K562 Cells
Huguet, Florence
2668: The Physiological Mechanisms of Ranpirnase-induced Enhancement in Radiation Response on A549 Human Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma Xenografts Iin Nude Mic
Lee, Intae
2669: Isoflurane Anesthesia Makes OxyLite More Useful in Oxygen Partial Tension Measurements
Wen, Bixiu Click abstract title to view poster
2670: When Tumor Repopulation Starts? The Onset Time of Prostate Cancer During Radiation Therapy
Gao, Mingcheng
2671: STAT1 is Over-expressed in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC): Radioresistance and Clinical Implications
Hui, Zhouguang
2672: Genetic Engineering of Antibodies to P-selectin for Radioimmunotherapy
Zhang, Ying
2673: Use of the Surveyor Nuclease Assay to Identify Genetic Variants Predictive for the Development of Adverse Radiotherapy Effects
Rosenstein, Barry
2674: Expressions of Antioxidant Molecules and ROS Alterations in Tobacco Carcinogen-induced Cancer Cells with Radioresistant Phenotype
Demizu, Yusuke
2675: Prediction Of Metastasis Of Advanced Cervical Cancers After Radiotherapy According To Expression Profiles Of 69 Genes Selected By Cdna Microarray Analysis
Harima, Yoko Click abstract title to view poster
2676: Biological Effect of Intermittent Radiation Exposure: Recovery from Sublethal Damage Versus Reoxygenation in Vivo
Tomita, Natsuo
2677: Effects Of Tanshinone IIA On The Radiotherapeutic Sensitivities Of MKN-45 Cell Line
Dong, xiaorong
2678: Reduced Transactivation Activity Of P53 And Repressed Cdk Inhibitor Expression Observed In Sub-clones That Survived 10Gy Irradiation: Possible Mechanisms Of "Radiation Induced Cancer Cell Repopulation"
Nishioka, Takeshi
2679: The Effect of NQO1 Polymorphisms on Prognosis of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer after Postoperative Radiation Therapy
Song, Si
2680: Microarray Analysis Of The Transcriptional Response To Carbon Ion Irradiation In Murine Tumors
Nojiri, Kazunori
2681: Radioprotective Effect of North American Ginseng Extract on Human Lymphocytes
Lee, Tung-Kwang
2682: Inhibitory Effect of Tranilast on Radiation-Induced Cardiac Injury in C57BL/6 Mouse
Chung, Su-Mi
2683: Preclinical Safety Evaluation of HSP110-HER2/neu Vaccine
Yang, Gary
2684: Increased Expression of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) in Irradiated PC12 Cells with Overexpressed Heterogeneous Ribonuclear Protein K (hnRNP K)
Sejpal, Samir
2685: Utilizing Mouse Genetics to Dissect the Cellular Target and Molecular Mechanism of Acute and Late Toxicity of Abdominal Radiation Therapy
Kirsch, David
2686: Impact of Margin Allocation on Uncertainty in Tumor Control Probability (TCP) in External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT) of Prostate Cancer
Purushothaman, Kailasnath
2687: Relative Biological Effectiveness Value Of Carbon Ion Beam To X-ray On Immature Hippocampal Neurons In Vitro
Suzuki, Yoshiyuki
2688: Suppression of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Induction Reveals a Transcriptional-based Mechanism for the Selective Radiosensitization of Prostate Cancer Cells by Parthenolide.
St. Clair, William
2689: Clinical Application Of The Fricke-glucomannan Gel 3D Dosimeter For A High-dose-rate 192Ir Brachytherapy
NODA, Shin-ei
2690: Assessment of Spatial Radiosensitivity as a Predictor of Treatment Response
Jeraj, Robert
2691: Molecular Marker Profile In Cervical Cancer Patients Treated With Radiotherapy
Verges, Ramona
2692: LQ-Radiobiological Parameters for the Prediction of Radiation Induced Spinal Cord Myelitis in Humans and Other Primates
Reilly, Wilfred
2693: A New Vertebrate Model System? The Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Human Glioblastoma Cells Transplanted Into Zebrafish Embryos
Geiger, Geoffrey
2694: Delayed Administration Of Growth Factors In A Mouse Model Of Radiation-induced Kidney Dysfunction
Andratschke, Nicolaus
2695: Expression Of The Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (pcna) In Lymphoid Tissues Of Radiosensitive "Wasted" Mice
Szolc-Kowalska, Barbara
2696: Prediction Of Four-dimensional (4D) Tumor Response Using Finite Element Method (FEM) And Radiobiological Model For Adaptive Radiotherapy
Taguchi, Hiroshi
2697: The Effects of Small Field Dosimetry on the Biological Models Used In Evaluating IMRT Dose Distributions
Cardarelli, Gene Click abstract title to view poster
2698: The Norton-SImon Hypothesis Applied to Murine and Human Tumor Growth: Implications for Patient Selection in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
Kavanagh, Brian
2699: Bystander Effect on Endothelial Cell Mediates Radiation Induced HBV Reactivation in HBV Carriers with Radiation-Induced Liver Disease
Cheng, Jason Chia-Hsien
2700: Inhibition Of The Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Increases In Vitro Radiosensitization Of SCC-VII Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells.
Epperly, Michael
2701: Microarray Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Cerebral Microvasculature of C3H Mice Following Whole Brain Radiation
Smart, DeeDee
2702: Targeting of the Chemotherapeutic Agents or Radiosensitizers, by the Liquid Core Microcapsules that have Affinity for Tumor Vessels and can be decomposed by Radiation.
Harada, Satoshi
2703: H2a.x Phosphorylation Is Differentially Expressed In Adult Mice Tissues And Tumor Regions Following Whole Body Radiotherapy In A Dose Dependent Manner
Chmura, Steven
2704: Tumor Cell-mediated Induction Of Angiogenesis Is Attenuated By WR-1065, An Active Metabolite Of The Aminothiol Amifostine
Natarajan, Mohan
2705: Fractionated Megavoltage GRID Therapy vs Conventional Radiotherapy for Treating Melanoma
Zhang, Hualin Click abstract title to view poster
2706: Quantification of Circulating Cell Free DNA/RNA in the Plasma of Cancer Patients During Radiation Therapy
Cheng, Chao Click abstract title to view poster
2707: Modulation Of The Radiation Response Of Zebrafish Embryos By Targeting The Vegf Receptor-2 (kdr) Tyrosine Kinase
Kari, Gabor
2708: Kinetic Model of Tumor Regression during Radiation Therapy of Cervical Cancer
Wang, Jian Click abstract title to view poster
2709: Gene Transfer of the Human Manganese Superoxide-dismutase Gene Confers Radioprotection on Normal Human Tissue Cells
Veldwijk, Marlon

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