Abstract # 2057 Repositioning Accuracy Of Two Different Mask Systems: A Comparison By True 3D-3D Matching With Cone-Beam CT

Presenter: Boda-Heggemann, Judit

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Stereotactic masks have a high intracranial repositioning accuracy per se
(re-positioning error under 3.1 mm and 1.6) b) Thermoplastic masks are more
precise than assumed (re-positioning error under 4.7 mm and 2.2) and,
regarding the small rotational- and residual error after position correction
and regarding intrafractional movement, may be used for precision treatments
when combined with CBCT. c) The precision in case of the neck region was in
both cases worse than in the intracranial regions. Total length of the displacement
vector, however is still acceptable when body tattoos are used for initial
setup and may be further reduced by image guided position correction. d) Image
guided positioning can be safely used instead of therapy simulation and
stereotactic positioning. This makes a frameless cranial stereotactic therapy

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