Abstract # 2475 Computing The Magnitude And Field Size Dependence Of RT-induced Mortality Following Post-operative RT(PORT) For NSCLC: Calculations From Clinical Trials.

Presenter: Miles, Edward

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Clinical data can be explained by a simple model that considers the probability of residual local disease, the efficacy of PORT, the probability of metastatic disease, and RT-induced mortality. This model suggests that the RT-induced mortality of PORT is strongly dependent on field-size, and at least partly offsets the improvement in OS afforded by PORT, especially with larger fields. Smaller RT fields, tailored to treat the areas most likely to harbor residual cancer, provide the highest therapeutic ratio. If larger RT portals are required, PORT should be delivered with care to selected patients.
The data used do not reflect the impact of chemotherapy, which will reduce the rate of distant metastases and enhance the efficacy of RT.

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