Abstract # 2716 Respiratory Gating Window and Internal Motion Margins to Accommodate the Fluctuation of Exhalation Level during Proton Beam Therapy for Liver Tumor

Presenter: Asada, Yoshihiro

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Contact the presenter at: y.asada@scchr.jp

Y. Asada*, H. Fuji*, M. Numano*, T. Saida*, I. Kawashima*, A. Toi*, H. Yamashita*, E. Urakabe*, S. Murayama*. , Proton Therapy Division, Shizuoka Cancer Center, Nagaizumi, Japan,

Author Disclosure:
Y. Asada, None; H. Fuji, China-Japan Medical Fund, B. Research Grant; M. Numano, None; T. Saida, None; I. Kawashima, None; A. Toi, None; H. Yamashita, None; E. Urakabe, None; S. Murayama, None.

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