Abstract # 2260 A New Simulation Technique Using Virtual Reality Visualization to Optomize Beam Geometry in Prostate Cancer IMRT

Presenter: Williams, Timothy

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T. R. Williams*1, C. Shang*1, A. Beavis*2, J. Ward*3, C. Sims*4, C. Prest*3, L. Page*3, R. Phillips*3. , 1Boca Raton Community Hospital, Boca Raton, FL, 2Princess Royal Hospital, Hull, United Kingdom, 3University of Hull, Hull, United Kingdom, 4Computereized Medical Systems, Inc., St. Louis, MO,

Author Disclosure:
T.R. Williams, Institute for Immersive Visualization, Boca Raton Community Hospital Foundation, Inc., B. Research Grant; Computerized Medical Systems, Inc., C. Other Research Support; C. Shang, None; A. Beavis, None; J. Ward, None; C. Sims, Computerized Medical Systems, Inc., A. Employment; C. Prest, None; L. Page, None; R. Phillips, None.

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