Abstract # 2072 Craniospinal Irradiation in the Supine Position - Application of an Image-Guided Radiotherapeutic Technique to Plan, Verify and Treat

Presenter: Lau, Michelle

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About the Presenter:
Michelle completed her joint degree B.Sc. (Radiation Sciences) with the University of Toronto/Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences in 2002, where she currently serves on the Board of Alumni Association. She is also a MDCB Certified Medical Dosimetrist, and has 4 years of clinical experience in radiation therapy, specializing in treatment planning and clinical care of patients with diagnosis of lymphomas/leukemia, sarcomas, CNS tumours and paediatric cancers. Michelle has achieved exciting departmental turnarounds playing a major part in revamping the electronic medical chart documentation process, and is recognized for her contribution in the Quality Assurance Committee in the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Radiation Medicine Program. In the Fall of 2005, Michelle has stepped into the role of the Paediatric Site Group Leader at PMH.
Contact the presenter at: michelle.lau@rmp.uhn.on.ca

M. W. Lau*, H. Guscott*, R. Heaton*, N. Laperriere*, B. Millar*. , Princess Margaret Hospital (UHN), Toronto, ON, Canada,

Author Disclosure:
M.W. Lau, None; H. Guscott, None; R. Heaton, None; N. Laperriere, None; B. Millar, None.

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Craniospinal Irradiation (CSI) in the Supine Position:

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