Abstract # 2627 BORIS and CTCF Yin Yang Epigenetically Regulated Transcription Factors Regulating Proliferation

Presenter: Wang, Tony

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About the Presenter:
Tony Wang NIH Clinical Research Training Program Fellow, MD Student Radiation Oncology Branch, NCI, NIH WangTo@mail.nih.gov

T. J. Wang*, G. Bar-Sela*, L. Huang*, L. Sun*, P. Nguyen*, J. Pennington*, D. Gius*. , Radiation Oncology Branch, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD,

Author Disclosure:
T.J. Wang, This research was made possible through the Clinical Research Training Program, a public-private partnership supported by the NIH and a grant to the Foundation for the NIH from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, C. Other Research Support; G. Bar-Sela, None; L. Huang, None; L. Sun, None; P. Nguyen, None; J. Pennington, None; D. Gius, None.

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