Abstract # 2239 The Influence Of Androgen Suppression Therapy For Prostate Cancer On The Frequency And Timing Of A Fatal Myocardial Infarction

Presenter: D'Amico, Anthony

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A. V. D'Amico*1, J. W. Dedham*2, J. Crook*3, M. Chen*4, S. Z. Goldhaber*5, D. S. Lamb*2, S. Malone*6, C. Ludgate*7, A. Steigler*2, P. W. Kantoff*8. , 1Brigham & Women's Hosp./Dana-Farber, Boston, MA, 2Newcastle Mater Hospital, New South Wales, Australia, 3Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada, 4University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 5Brigham & Women's Hosp, Boston, MA, 6Ottawa Regional Cancer Center, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 7Vancouver Island Cancer Center, Victoria, BC, Canada, 8Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA,

Author Disclosure:
A.V. D'Amico, None; J.W. Dedham, None; J. Crook, None; M. Chen, None; S.Z. Goldhaber, None; D.S. Lamb, None; S. Malone, None; C. Ludgate, None; A. Steigler, None; P.W. Kantoff, None.

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