Abstract # 2346 Aperture-based IMRT for Resected Endometrial Cancer : Clinical Results with Treatment Delivery Improvement

Presenter: Bouchard, Myriam

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About the Presenter:

2001 Medical school, Laval University, Quebec, Canada;

2002 LMCC, Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada;

2001-2003 Residency in Gerenal Surgery, Laval University, Quebec,Canada;

2003-2007 Residency in Radiation Oncology (actually PGY5), Laval University, Quebec, Canada

Contact the presenter at: myriam.bouchard.1@ulaval.ca

M. Bouchard*1, S. Nadeau*1,2, I. Germain*1, P. Raymond*1, F. Beaulieu*1, L. Beaulieu*1,2, R. Roy*2, F. Harel*3, L. Gingras*1,2. , 1Hotel-Dieu De Quebec CHUQ, Quebec, PQ, Canada, 2Department of Physics, Physics Engineering and Optics, Laval University, Quebec, PQ, Canada, 3Research Center of L'Hotel-Dieu de Quebec, Laval University, Quebec, PQ, Canada,

Author Disclosure:
M. Bouchard, None; S. Nadeau, None; I. Germain, None; P. Raymond, None; F. Beaulieu, None; L. Beaulieu, None; R. Roy, None; F. Harel, None; L. Gingras, None.

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