Abstract # 2522 Malt Lymphoma Of The Salivary Glands: A Multicenter Rare Cancer Network Study Of 59 Patients

Presenter: Anacak, Yavuz

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Y. Anacak*1, R. Miller*2, N. Constantinou*3, A. Mamusa*4, M. Ozsahin*5, Y. Li*6, R. Epelbaum*7, A. Lucas*8, A. Kowalczyk*9, N. Bese*10. , et al., 1Ege University Medical School, Izmir, Turkey, 2Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, 3Theagenion Anticancer Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece, 4A Businco Cancer Centre, Cagliari, Italy, 5Centre Hospitalier Universitalier Vaudois, Lausanne, Switzerland, 6Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China, 7Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, 8Institut Catala d'Oncologia, Barcelona, Spain, 9Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland, 10Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical School, Istanbul, Turkey,

Author Disclosure:
Y. Anacak, None; R. Miller, None; N. Constantinou, None; A. Mamusa, None; M. Ozsahin, None; Y. Li, None; R. Epelbaum, None; A. Lucas, None; A. Kowalczyk, None; N. Bese, None.

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