Abstract # 2385 Chondrosarcoma Of Base Of The Skull. Seventy Two Patients Irradiated By A 3D Conformal Technique Combining Photon And Proton Beams.

Presenter: FEUVRET, Loic

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Contact the presenter at: loic.feuvret@cpo.curie.net

L. FEUVRET*1,2, G. NOEL*3, J. HABRAND*1, P. POMMIER*1, C. ALAPETITE*1, H. MAMMAR*1, R. FERRAND*1, G. BOISSERIE*2, A. BEAUDRE*4, J. MAZERON*1,2. , 1Centre de protonth‚rapie d'Orsay Institut Curie, orsay, France, 2Piti‚-Salpetriere Hospital AP-HP, Paris, France, 3Centre Paul Strauss, Strasbourg, France, 4Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France,

Author Disclosure:
L. Feuvret, None; G. Noel, None; J. Habrand, None; P. Pommier, None; C. Alapetite, None; H. Mammar, None; R. Ferrand, None; G. Boisserie, None; A. Beaudre, None; J. Mazeron, None.

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