Abstract # 1126 Antisense MDM2 Oligonucleotides Sensitize Androgen-Insensitive Human Prostate Cancer Cells To Androgen Deprivation In Vitro And In Vivo

Presenter: Mu, Zhaomei

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Z. Mu*1, P. Hachem*1, H. Hensley*1, R. Stoyanova*1, A. L. Hanlon*1, S. Agrawal*2, A. Pollack*1. , 1Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2Idera Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA,

Author Disclosure:
Z. Mu, None; P. Hachem, None; H. Hensley, None; R. Stoyanova, None; A.L. Hanlon, None; S. Agrawal, None; A. Pollack, Varian, B. Research Grant; TAP Pharmaceuticals;Astrazeneca, D. Speakers Bureau/Honoraria.

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