Abstract # 1092 Accelerated Partial Breast Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (APB-IMRT) Results in Improved Dose Distribution when Compared to 3D Treatment Planning Techniques

Presenter: Carter, Dennis

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About the Presenter:
Kyle Rustoven, MD (kylerusthoven@hotmail.com), completed much of this work during his intern year in Denver, is to be congradulated for his diligent efforts, and will be available to present his work. This was completed with the direct oversight of Dennis L. Carter, MD and in conjunction with similar investigations by Charles Leonard, MD.
Contact the presenter at: dennis.carter@usoncology.com

K. Rusthoven*1, D. L. Carter*2, J. M. Kercher*3, A. Sandoval*4, P. Henkenberns*2, K. Hunter*2, C. E. Leonard*2. , 1University of Colorado, Denver, CO, 2Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, Denver, CO, 3Surg 1 Arapahoe Surgical Associates, Denver, CO, 4Sky Ridge Medical Center, Denver, CO,

Author Disclosure:
K. Rusthoven, None; D.L. Carter, None; J.M. Kercher, None; A. Sandoval, None; P. Henkenberns, None; K. Hunter, None; C.E. Leonard, None.

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Title: APB-IMRT vs. 3D:

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