Abstract # 2889 Clinical Test Of A Beam Delivery System For Protontherapy Treatments

Presenter: Adelaide, Garella

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The CNAO centre will be one of the few facilities in the world that allows patient treatments with two types of particles, delivered by an active spreading system: protons (60-250 MeV) and carbon ions (120-400 MeV/u).
The monitor system is formed by two independent detectors : both of them consist of one large area ionization chamber and another ionization chamber with a segmented anode. In the first detector the anode is segmented in 128 strips; in the second one in 1024 pixels. The sensitive area, for both of them is 211211 mm2 , in order to treat a field of 200 x 200 mm2 . The large area chambers allow the measure of the beam intensity at the frequency of 1 MHz, the strip and pixel chambers also supply the position of the beam, with a read-out frequency of 20 kHz.

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Ionization chambers:

Institut Curie-CPO : use of the pixel chamber:

CATANA facility : use of the strip chambers:

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