Abstract # 2475 Computing The Magnitude And Field Size Dependence Of RT-induced Mortality Following Post-operative RT(PORT) For NSCLC: Calculations From Clinical Trials.

Presenter: Miles, Edward

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The INCREASE in OS afforded by PORT is assumed equal to the INCREASE in cancer-specific survival MINUS the rate of RT-induced mortality. Cancer specific survival is the product of the probabilities of (residual local disease)*(sterilization of residual disease with PORT)*(absence of metastatic disease).
For each pathologic nodal stage, data were extracted from clinical trials to estimate the risk of residual intrathoracic disease; the probability of sterilizing this disease with RT; the probability of distant mets; and the field-size-dependent changes in OS afforded by PORT. These data (see table below) were used to assess the field-size dependence of RT-induced mortality. Different models were considered to relate the mortality rate of RT to the field-size.

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