Abstract # 1001 A Double-blind, Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Nutritional Trial Of The Efficacy Of Fermented Milk With The Probiotic Lactobacillus Casei Dn-114001 In Preventing Radiation-induced Diarrhea In Patients With Gynecologic Cancer Treated With Pel

Presenter: Giralt, Jordi

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Eligible patients had cervical carcinoma treated with pelvic radiotherapy and weekly cisplatin or endometrial adenocarcinoma receiving postoperative pelvic radiotherapy (45-50 Gy). Patients were randomly assigned to either probiotic or placebo treatment, in a double blind fashion. The probiotic consisted in a liquid yogurt by fermented milk containing live Lactobacillus casei DN-114 001 at 108 cfu/g, whereas the placebo was the same product sterilized by ionization with 4 KGy. Treatment (96 g/8h/d) started one week before and continued throughout the whole radiation treatment. Clinical assessments were performed at baseline and at weekly visits. Patients recorded daily the number of bowel movements and scored stool consistency using the Bristol visual scale. Severity of diarrhea was graded according the CTC (version 3.0). Fecal concentration of calprotectin was measured (elisa) prior to and after radiotherapy in a subgroup of patients. All analyses were performed blindly.

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