Abstract # 2676 Biological Effect of Intermittent Radiation Exposure: Recovery from Sublethal Damage Versus Reoxygenation in Vivo

Presenter: Tomita, Natsuo

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In this study, we investigated the effect of intermittent radiation under conditions of restricted reoxygenation as well as the magnitude of reoxygenation during 2.5 to 15 min of radiation interruption.

In stereotactic irradiation using a linear accelerator, the effect of radiation may be reduced during intermittent exposure owing to recovery from sublethal damage (SLDR) in tumor cells. In our previous in vitro study, cell survival increased significantly when a few min or longer intervals were posed between fractions, but our subsequent in vivo study did not show any decrease in biological effect due to intermittent exposures. This suggested that SLDR in vivo might be counterbalanced by other phenomena such as reoxygenation that sensitizes tumor cells to subsequent irradiation.

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