Abstract # 2889 Clinical Test Of A Beam Delivery System For Protontherapy Treatments

Presenter: Adelaide, Garella

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In heavy charged particle radiotherapy it is important to deliver the beam with millimetric accurancy and it is necessary to have an on-line control of the beam position. INFN of Torino, in collaboration with CNAO Foundation, is working on the design, development and construction of the beam delivery and on-line control system for CNAO, an italian centre of oncologic hadrontherapy. The detectors have been tested on the clinical beams at CATANA facility (Catania, Italy) and at Institut Curie - Centre de Protontherapie d’Orsay (France). The goal has been to operate a monitor system that allows the on-line measurement of the relevant parameters for the evaluation of the beam, allowing a fast, accurate and non-intrusive diagnostics of the beam. Another goal is to provide a feedback with scanning magnets, in order to rectify the position of the beam in real time.

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Therapeutical use of hadrons:

The CNAO centre:

The CNAO centre:

The CNAO monitor system:

The CNAO monitor system:

Preliminary versions of CNAO detectors:

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