Abstract # 2072 Craniospinal Irradiation in the Supine Position - Application of an Image-Guided Radiotherapeutic Technique to Plan, Verify and Treat

Presenter: Lau, Michelle

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Sixteen patients were treated using this procedure, which proved superior to the prone technique in facilitating matching field junctions and palpation of the spine. Standard EPI measuring tools facilitate the assessment of marker position relative to field edge and patient anatomy. A retrospective analysis of actual field displacements averaged less than 70% of the allowable 2.0mm differential limit. The data was considerably skewed; calculating means overestimated the amount of displacement, thus medians were employed. The Mann-Whitney test was chosen to represent displacements by taking each patientís median, and then summarized over the patient population with overall median. Values between Q1 and Q3 gave a non-parametric expression of the data; medians of the standard distance group [98.5cm SSD] and extended distance group [110-140cm SSD] were 1.10mm (0.80-1.90) and 0.69mm (0.60-0.98), respectively (p = 0.27).

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