Abstract # 2745 Isocenter Alignment Verification Using an Electronic Portal Image Device (EPID) for a Micromultileaf-based Radiosurgery System

Presenter: Calvo-Ortega, Juan Francisco

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The verification system EPID-Rodeo 1.1 shows an accuracy within 0.2mm.
Analysis performed on the difference in the paired 80 EPID and film radiation field center - ball shadow center distances shows a mean difference of 0.01mm with 95% confidence interval (C.I.) of -0.03mm to 0.04mm. According Bland-Altman analysis, limits of agreement EPID-film methods of -0.3 (95% C.I. -0.4, -0.3) mm y 0.3 (95% C.I. 0.3, 0.4) mm were registered.
Inter-observer differences up to 0.3mm were found when we compared the results of several film test registered by three operators. A perfect repeatability was registered with the EPID based method against a figure of 0.2mm found for the technique with film.

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