Abstract # 2398 Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for Oral Cavity Cancer

Presenter: Yao, Min

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The median follow-up for all patients was 17.1 months (range, 0.27 - 59.3 months). The median follow-up for living patients was 23.9 months (range, 9.3 - 59.3 months).

There were 9 patients with local-regional failures; 4 had local failures only, 2 had regional failures only, and 3 had both local and regional failures. There were 5 patients that failed distantly; 3 of them also had loco-regional failures. There were 3 with new primaries; 1 had oral tongue carcinoma in situ with microinvasion, 1 had lung squamous cell carcinoma, and 1 had acute myeloid leukemia.

The 2-year overall survival, disease-specific survival, local recurrence free survival, loco-regional recurrence free survival, and distant disease free survival is 68%, 74%, 85%, 82% and 89%, respectively. The median time from treatment completion to local-regional recurrence was 4.1 months (range, 3.0 to 12.1 months). The local regional control is strongly correlated with extracapsular extension (ECE).

The 2-year local regional control for patients with ECE is 54.5%, and 89.7% for those without ECE (p=0.0277). The local regional control is not correlated with T stage, N stage, AJCC stage, perineural invasion, lymphovascular invasion, or differentiation.

For local failures, 3 failed in CTV1 that received 66 - 70 Gy and 2 failed in CTV2 that received 60 Gy. For regional failures, 2 failed in CTV1 that received 60 Gy and 66 Gy, respectively. Three failed in contralateral neck, 2 of them failed in CTV2 that received 60 Gy and one out of radiation field.

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